Saeco / Philips HD8927/47 seeking drinks volume factory default settings

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Hi - I have a Saeco PicoBaristo SUPER-AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE HD8927/47

A family member changed a few drink volume/length settings, not sure which ones and by how much.

I would like to restore the factory defaults/presets settings for all the drinks available on this machine, preferably only the volume/length, for example: coffee types/froth/milk/water dispensing/length volumes.

I read throughout the user's guide, but I was unable to retrieve how to... I did find how to change the default to the user's settings but not to restore the defaults if and when needed.

Please help me.


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Don't wait for an answer. On this forum, no one knows anything about super-automatic coffee machines.

lousk (original poster)

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Ok, thank you for the heads up.


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You have to push the menu button and then push the up button to select "menu" and then hit the check mark button. Then you have to select the second to last or last point in the next menu (with the down button) which is called "factory reset". This should reset all the settings (I think even water hardness).
However the factory settings usually are just a good starting point and you have to adjust dose and volume according to your beans anyway.
I hope this helps ;)