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I have a light roast that I've been pre-infusing for 15 seconds, then ramping to 9 bar for an extended extraction. It surprisingly tastes great, but I'm wary of repeating the recipe due to the extended duration of stress on the pump. I have an ECM Classika which has a vibe pump and I've read that it's not great to run it longer than 60 seconds. So that's basically my question - Is running my vibe pump longer than 60 seconds problematic?

Correspondingly, if it is, then what about backflushing? I backflush in 10 second intervals; 10 on, 10 off, 10 on (etc...). I do this 5 times with cleaning powder, then 5 consecutive times without the powder. So, if the above 75 second pull is an issue, is my backflushing also problematic?


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These pumps are designed for relatively short-duration use, spec-ed at 20°C water in a 25°C environment, which aren't typically met in home espresso machines.

From /downloads/ ... models.pdf

EAX5 -- 1 min on, 1.5 min off
EX5 -- 1 min on, 1 min off
EFX5 -- 2 min on, 1 min off

The good news is that when they fail (which they do even with "normal" shots with a typical E61 box), the EX5 is around $30 and, when you can find them, the EFX5 around US$50.

The better-designed machines will have a "Klixon" over-temperature switch on the housing of the coil, which should help prevent catastrophic overheating.
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This is very helpful. Thanks Jeff!!