Running Quickmill Vetrano From a Bottle

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#1: Post by sweaner »

I currently have a Vetrano sitting in a box, waiting for a kitchen remodel for plumbing.

I can't wait any longer!

I would like to run it off of a bottle, which I have been told it can do without any damage. However, I want to get it right. Do I just put the tube into the top of a bottle? If I use bottled water, will it be soft enough. My tap water is fairly low hardness, close to 3. Can I use this?

Any caveats? Pitfalls?
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#2: Post by erics »

The Vetrano CANNOT be run from a bottle - you will cavitate the pump.

The suction line connecting the Vetrano's pump (internal to the machine) is 5 x 3 mm and is TOO small for this type of operation. I don't know the exact spec for the proper inlet pressure but I do know that ~35 psi works well. You could hook up a Flojet pump and accumulator and use this to provide proper inlet conditions for the pump.

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sweaner (original poster)
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#3: Post by sweaner (original poster) »

Thanks Eric. I seem to have been getting conflicting advice. (not from here) I guess there are some plumbed rotaries that can off of a bottle.
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#4: Post by shadowfax »

Most plumbed in rotary machines have much thicker lines feeding the pump. You could probably run Vetrano from a bottle if you upgraded the internal pump feed line to something a bit wider.
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#5: Post by bjorn »

I have been running my Vetrano from a bottle for a couple of days without noticing any problem. (I'm waiting for getting the plumbing done.) I'm not sure if I'm damaging the pump, though. The seller said that it is ok to run it from a bottle for a couple of weeks.