Rumors of Dual Boiler Izzo Alex?

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I was not long ago asking help to choose between Brewtus and Alex (on CoffeeGeek and CoffeeCrew). Finally I decided I don't want a HX machine and I don't want Brewtus. I found some rumors that there is going to be a new dual boiler Izzo Alex.

I found out there's no review of this machine on your site (I mean the HX Alex of course :-) and I'd welcome one very much. And I have one, maybe a little bit covered already question regarding the difference between E61 group design and the S1 design (as Vivaldi is also Dual Boiler machine it is reasonable to consider it as a competitor to the future dual boiler Alex).

I welcome all comments as I'm a newbie to pro-level machines (but read all the reviews available because I really love coffee and want to learn).

Thanks in advance

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CoffeOwl wrote:I found some rumors that there is going to be a new dual boiler Izzo Alex.
From an offline e-mail: According to Chris Nachtrieb, owner of Chris' Coffee Service and reseller of the Izzo Alex, there is no planned dual boiler from Izzo.
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I am in Calgary, Alberta. My personal friend is Joey Izzo and his grandfather is Vince Izzo. Vince moved to Alberta like 50 years ago, and nobody here knew what Espresso was. He started espresso in Alberta. I recommended something to Joey and Vince about there machines, they went to Italy this past summer and their new machines have what I have suggested to them. :)

So I talked to them about this, and they have no idea about it. Therefore, it is not true.

I am very lucky to have them as my friends!


ps. sorry for the long story.

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There are rumors of a pourover double boiler La Spaziale which may be imported by the end of the year. Since you are in Europe, you could look into the Dalla Corte which is a 2 boiler, pour over and seems nice. Teme had some extensive impressions on it in some posts. Michael

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Thanks for all the replies!
I asked about the Brewtus at BellaBarista and got the reply that they're no longer selling it and that there's going to be a dual boiler Alex. Then so much for the rumours.

OK. So maybe I shall stop discriminating HX machines for the fear of brewing temperature instability? After reading 'temperature-stability-from-heat-exchanger' I sense some light at the end of the tunnel, but then does it mean that I'll have to run some number of brewing with an electronic thermometer (like Schomer explains) to finally maintain some experimental settings of the pressure, flush amount, delay etc?
Anyway - it makes for the artistry so I don't mind, only are the results going to be consistent?

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CoffeOwl wrote:Anyway - it makes for the artistry so I don't mind, only are the results going to be consistent?
Briefly, espresso machines with dedicated brew boilers take nearly all the guesswork out of brew temperature management. Heat exchanger espresso machines are capable of excellent inter and intra brew temperature stability, but they do demand more barista attention in order to deliver these results. The FAQs and Favorites Digest links to threads like Why are HX espresso machines so popular? that explain the tradeoffs.
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Thanks for answer!
I appreciate very much al the posts and great reviews of machines on this site.
My personal conlusion is a dual boiler machine with a saturated group.
Oh well.
And I'd like it to be 58mm size.
So how much is the GS3? :-)


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They have been designing it for quite a while, it's going to be called the Alex Duetto

I was privileged enough to have had some small input to the design process and look forward to getting a test machine soon. I saw this post last year, but was not able to comment at the time.


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Hi Dave,

sounds very interesting. Will it also feature a rotary pump and the same specs as the Alex?



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There are rumours that Alfa Romeo are going to relaunch the iconic "Duetto" and we apologise if we have inadvertently added to the rumours. However, we can confirm that a much talked about and eagerly awaited coffee machine is about to be delivered. Named after the Alfa Romeo "Duetto" a car that epitomized all the romance and style that is Italy. The Izzo Duetto is bound to have the same affect on coffee lovers. Based on the Izzo Alex, the Duetto will have all the quality features that have made the Alex a truly respected and appreciated coffee machine. The Duetto will take this even further with features that have been asked for to make the "Dream Coffee Machine" :-

* Dual Boilers Steam and hot water Boiler 1.8 litre with 1440 watt element Brew (group) Boiler .8litre with 1000 watt element
* Gicar Digital PID to achieve the perfect temperature
* Vertically positioned super quiet rotary pump
* Removable grid for easy access to underside of machine
* New calibrated security valve
* Plumbed in or Reservoir

The first of the Duettos is on its way to us for testing and review they will then be just 6 machines available these will be offered first to our coffee club members on a first come first served basis at special "Guinea Pig" price of £1325.
An email I got today from BellaBarista! Sounds like a nice machine.