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This machine is looking really SWEET: ... lookv4.pdf


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Chris, can you tell us the pricepoint on this machine? Will it be comparable to the S1 ?

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It truly is a great machine!
They are now sending them out through Europe and the quality is extremely high!
Mine is being made as we speak and to be received in a few days.

Can't wait :)
I barista, do you?

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Hey Sebastiaan!

Good to see you here! So you have ordered one, anything on the price? Keep us posted, okay (also on :wink: )



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I spoke with Antonio this morning and confirmed they will be shipping me a machine next week via DHL. I do not expect any problems with the machine since Rodney from Bella Barista has been working with Izzo for quite some time on this machine. It is ready but I just want to be sure. Antonio has given me a price on the machines and I have given him an order for 54 machines. My intention is to offer pre delivery pricing for under $2,000.00.
Chris Nachtrieb
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<insert expletive here>*! :shock:

Wow, no swear filter here. :twisted:

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A few questions, if possible...

The valves appear to be the same as those used on the standard Quick Mill Alexia/Anita. Just curious if the no-burn steam arm you offer for the newest Quick Mill's will fit the new DB Alex? I'm only asking because I think the $45 option you offer on those machines is money extremely well spent for anyone making milk drinks. (By the way, the no-burn option is only listed as an option for the Anita on your site and not on the Alexia, although it does fit. Just FYI if you wanted to make a minor change to possibly grab a little more business)

Any word of Quick Mill developing a similar machine?

Thanks for your time.


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chris wrote:My intention is to offer pre delivery pricing for under $2,000.00.
Jeez . . . I'm almost tempted to get one just for the office -- even though I know I couldn't ever plumb it in, and I just bought an Elektra T1!

OMG! That sounds to good to be true!
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I am quite certain that the no burn arm will fit on the Alex Duette and therefore it will be available as an option. Thanks for pointing out to me that it is not listed as an option on the Alexia, I will add it. As for Quick Mill and an E 61 PIDed machine no there is nothing in the works and I have no reason to have two manufacturers build the same style machine. I have other things I am working with Quick Mill on.
Chris Nachtrieb
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chris wrote:I have other things I am working with Quick Mill on.
Ooooh! The plot thickens!

And all this bodes well for us espresso enthusiasts!