Rocket R9 One amateur review... Fantastic!

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First off, thank you to all who contributed to my previous threads, I picked up the advice and items you had suggested and now that the first machine has arrived, I can attest that they do indeed make a tremendous difference!

Quick recap, me and my brother are Rocket users, both of us had transitioned from automatic Delonghi to Breville then to Rocket machines ( his an Appartmento, mine an R60V).

Six years in with the Rockets I had decided it was time to upgrade, I ordered a La Marzocco Leva X three days ago and an EKG grinder and for a voucher for a significant discount on a second machine, so decided to get my brother the Rocket R9 One as a gift, hence this review.

The machine arrived yesterday, we spent just one hour playing with it and his new Eureka Mignon Single Dose grinder and where pulling fantastic shots. I followed the advice here and got a WDT tool, distribution screen and VST basket. We started without any of those, and added one after the other shot by shot to see if there was any noticeable gains. There were! All of those are mandatory in my book now! Though I have to say using the screen is a bit of a hassle but the improvement and stability gains are well worth it!

Now the machine and grinder, the R9 One is a piece of art, me and the family decided to chip in a bit extra and get the wood trimmed special edition and the whole setup is just gorgeous, the quality overall is a step up from their other home offerings. The saturated group head makes a TREMENDOUS difference when it comes to thermal stability shot after shot, couple that with the repeatability of programmed pressure profiles and a reasonably well developed and stable puck prep technique and the result is the ability to pull sophisticated espresso repeatedly has never been easier! I am genuinely amazed at how advanced a shot we where able to pull so quickly into this new set up ( first successful cafe quality shot was 45 minutes in, eighth shot pulled) and the success was repeated with nine shots for various family members who where pretty delighted!

We had evaluated and tried other machines with flow profiling and or make shift flow profiling modded in such as the ECM Synchronika, Belize, and a few others. In my brief trials, my feel is that although those options are half the price and do offer the capability, they are temperamental and require a tremendous amount of practice and knowing the machine to get somewhat steady success. Even then, they won't come close to the R9 One or Strada, those two machines are really a cut above everything else I had tested. Just fantastic. I have not tried it in person yet, but something tells me the Strada will be even more stable, consistent, and repeatable as the R9.

I am so enamored with yesterdays experience I am going to call the store and ask them to change my Marzocco order. I am now thinking of the Strada X, I really need to have the repeatable pressure profiling tech now! The price is painful (at 20k, I could get the Leva X And a Rocket R9!) but hey no one said the very best was cheap!

A quick note on the Eureka Mignon Single dose. We both had the Rocket Fausto grinder and this did feel like a step up in terms of overall usability and quality of the grind overall, by quality i mean consistency and uniformity. The great thing is this grind all but eliminates grinding issues as a variable to troubleshoot, and the single dosing is a convenience that further ensures shot to shot success. My one gripe is that still, to this day, manufacturers have not developed a better method to adjust dose. We need a more precise click based scale that allows for tracking of these changes and the development of custom recipes, but at a price point of 1k USD, the potential shots out of this grinder make it hard to complain.

Overall, the retail price of 5k for both (we paid around 3.8k with the voucher) make for a fantastic setup, I can't recomend this highly enough. If you are as inexperienced as we are and looking for a setup that can be fairly forgiving if used by family members and offer alot of advanced features there is no better setup without going the 20K+ route with a Strada and EKG.

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A few pictures of our first successful shot

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Awesome gift and glad you guys had fun.

Which grinder are you getting? The ek43 or the eg-1?

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Thank you. It was alot of fun and the resultant espresso was beyond our expectations. He is absolutely delighted.

I had my heart set on the EG1, but warranty and maintenance are important to me, so I ordered the new EK Omnia. Supposed to get it in a few weeks. I do hope a short hopper option becomes available or some sort of single dosing mechanism.