Rocket R58 weird 'popcorn' noise when heating up

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Hi there,

I recently bought a brand new R58 v2 and did not have the expected start. The manometer for the steam boiler got stuck and does not show the bars, but that's something will get fixed soon, as I have to visit the store next week.

As I wanted to improve my espresso technique I decided to switch off the steam boiler but I turned it on today and decided to play around with it a bit, even despite the manometer did not work as expected (when I first called the store where I got the machine, the diagnose was that something could got stuck, and therefore the issues for correctly reading the pressure could be caused by this), but pressure was getting off the machine as I opened the valve, and the hot water tab worked as expected, so I assumed everything was working perfectly despite some minor read issues.

My concern comes when I turn on the machine and hear what seems to be a noise that I did not remember hearing during my first days of use (when had the steam boiler turned on) I have attached a video as I hope it will help you understand what I'm talking about. This noise seems to first start when machine heats up, if I then open the valve to release some pressure it disappears, it may reappear again but less noisy.

Is this normal?
This is the noise it does make once it reaches the temperature configured:
Thank you for your help



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The first video sounds like a relay clicking, but I doubt that's what it is. Maybe the expansion of parts due to heating up?
The second one sounds like pressure escaping from the boiler vacuum breaker valve as it just gets up to a past the boiling point.
Just guesses.

an0rak (original poster)

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Thanks for your thoughts, it's relatively new, just three weeks. I will go this Wednesday to the repair shop and see what's going on. I'll update the post once I heard some news.

Are Rocket machines in general that bad? This is my first DB, after coming from a Sage Bambino, and all the feedback I've got from people with other machines is that Rockets are bad and tend to fail quite frequent.


Team HB

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I agree with Pressino, I am not sure what the popcorn noise is, either. Were it in my hands, I'd open the machine to see if I could locate the source of the noise. If it's just the vacuum breaker and the popcorn stops boiling after the boiling point (After the Schluuup! noise when the vacuum breaker closes), then I wouldn't worry about it. You say it stops or quietens when you let some steam out the steam wand, which supports the thought that it's just the weight in the vac-breaker tapdancing, some steam out the wand means less passing the vac-breaker, therefore less tap-dancing.

The concern is that it could be the pop-pop-popping of a heating element with a hot spot, when the filament inside the element gets damaged it can have one spot, a quarter inch or so, of much higher resistance than the rest of the element combined thus forming a hot spot on the element where all the boiling occurs drastically, instead of soft boiling along the entire length of the element you get very loud boiling at that one small spot. I don't think this is the case in your machine, I really believe it is just the vacuum breaker rattling about noisily. You could probably confirm by pinching off the vac-breaker's hose (if it has one) for a second, or by holding the vac-breaker's weight steady with the tip of a screwdriver for a second to stop it dancing.