Rocket R58 brewing issues

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Hello all, Im using a rocket R58. Recently purchased as I was upgrading from my Giotto Evoluzione. I have not been able to pull a single decent shot from this machine. Ive tried different methods of tamping, different pressures and temps. At first I thought I just needed to get used to a new machine and I would somehow get it by adjusting my technique. I'm using a naked portafilter so I can analyze the extraction but it just seems to be very inconsistent splattery shots every single time. It's very common for the water to blow right through some areas of the puck. I chalked it up to technique, or lack there of... But I can walk over to my Evoluzione, and pull a wicked goopy shot every single time using the same grinder, portafilter and technique. Has anyone else experienced a problem with their R58 and brewing?


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Is the brass screw behind the shower screen installed?

Is the pressure set to 8 bars or so?

What is the roast date of your beans?

I would say the brew process is simple so there should be no major change going to the R58 from a Giotto.
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As well as the above checks suggested, the brass screw on the right underside of the machine can become loose in transit. I would check that and adjust to 9 bar on the nanometer when running.

It's a 10mm from memory.



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Brass screws installed and currently the pressure set to 8 bar. I've also experimented with upwards of 10 1/2 to 11 bar. Beans roasted on 1st of June


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It's an odd one for sure... I don't know quite what to make of it but it's frustrating. Thank you for your replies!


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Is it plumbed?

I did try mine plumbed but without an in line accumulator and it pulsed a few bar, but I don't recall it having any issues with extractions. I'm waiting on delivery of an accumulator and will try again.

Sure is odd! Time to ring the vendor?

I recently went sideways to a Vostok lever, did I sell the R58? No way! Had it for 8 years... a superb machine.


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More thoughts?

Have you changed the grind to choke it? And then stepped up from there?

My temp is set at 106 giving 96ish in the cup