Rocket R Nine One shower screen? Also puck screen

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I'm waiting for my new r 9 one with dark walnut to arrive and I've been relentlessly searching for an upgraded shower screen. I really like the EB labs nano coated screen but I've contacted both EB and IMS and they both say they don't make a compatible screen.

Does anyone know if there are upgraded screens available?

Side note, which puck screen is everyone preferring? Thinking about adding one in the mix.


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The R91 has a really good droplet dispersion pattern with the factory screen. It uses the screen from commercial multi group models R9V etc.

Image here:

What's the reason for wanting an alternative?

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For example:

An IMS 35 screen will keep the internal path for the 3-way solenoid cleaner than many stock/aftermarket screens. That means that the screen itself will need more cleaning.

The IMS 200 screen does the reverse - the screen itself is kept cleaner, but the internal path for the 3-way solenoid will accrue more coffee residue and thus need more regular chemical backflushing.

Stock screens tend to be somewhere in between the above two. I do not know about the R91's particular screen.
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brooksie967 (original poster)

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I guess just better water distribution. I think that's kind of why I added in the puck screen question with this as well, perhaps a puck screen will even the distribution for me. I know I saw much better extractions on my r60v when I upgraded the shower screen and the screen itself has outlasted the stock ones 2 or 3 fold easily due to how incredibly easy they are to clean.


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I have an R Nine One and have tried a couple aftermarket shower screens. The stock shower screen is the best choice. The machine has some kind of protection sensor built into the group head and if you grind too fine and start to choke the pull, the machine freaks out a bit. Using the stock shower screen this phenomenon happens much less frequently.

Great machine, btw. I love mine. Incredibly consistent and great versatility when it comes to programming. Software a bit hard to get used to and the screen requires a special touch ( use your thumb ). By far blows away my E-61 machine in the weeds!