Rocket Giotto Valve Question

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#1: Post by martinhalliday »

I have purchased a secondhand Rocket Giotto. When getting hotwater from the machine, i have to open the valve almost all the way before water comes out. Is this "normal" or is it an indication of the valve needing to be serviced?

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#2: Post by JRising »

Weird. I could have sworn I responded to this yesterday, but I don't see it repeated anywhere.

It sounds to me like the valve parts may not be assembled properly.
The valve is held closed by spring against boiler pressure. Turning the knob moves the knob further from the machine which pulls on the circlip on the valve stem and pulls the valve open against the spring. Different eras of these valves have differing valve-stem lengths. They changed them because the early valves had such a small section of stem behind the crclip that they just tore off when someone aggressively opened the valve.
Anyway, open the valves (with the machine off and cool). Compare the hot water valve to the steam valve. Perhaps someone replaced the hot water valve stem with too long of one, or has the brass spacer in wrong, or lost the copper washer...