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Ok I know this topic has been beat to death, but I'm a new Rocket Giotto Cronometro R owner and I really can't find this answer directly.

We know a fast blinking light is low or no water, slow blinking light is standby mode (90 minutes of no activity) but there is 3 symbols under the light that I'm curious if anyone knows what they all mean? First is surely a water symbol, but the second one I don't know, and third looks like a lightning bolt, I don't want to guess anymore lol so does anyone know for sure? Pic included...

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Those same symbols are below the lamp of older models that had no blinking eco mode; the lamp had only three states - unlit when power off, lit when power on, and blinking when power switch on but water low and element off. My guess is that the two symbols on the left together are supposed to tell you that the lamp blinks when the water is low, and the lightning bolt to the right tells you that the lamp indicates electrical power-on status.
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