Rocket evoluzione very loud annoying noise when pulling in water

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#1: Post by lillehammer »

Rocket Evoluzione v2. When it needs to pull more water in from the tank, it makes this noise: ... sp=sharing

It pulls the water in just fine, same speed as normal, just does it loudly. It was making the noise intermittently for a while and now it makes it every time. Machine still functions perfectly, no noises when making coffee, coffee still v.good.

I've tried replacing the solenoid - no difference. With the sides off, it sounds like the noise is coming from the main pump but quite difficult to be sure.

Anyone else had the same issue with this or any other machine?

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

It sounds like the inlet is restricted. Can you put a flexible hose on the "plumbed in" connection, dip the other end in the reservoir, switch the selector over to "plumbed" and see if it does the same?
That would rule out whether the blockage was before or after the Tee fitting before the pump.

If the noise goes away when drawing through the "plumbed" inlet, then the blockage is almost certainly in either the inlet 2-way solenoid (the lower of the two is reservoir, the upper is plumbed), or the little clear plastic inline filter has gotten clogged.

If the noise does not change, then something is probably clogging right in the inlet of the pump.