Rocket Espresso EPICA Lever espresso machine

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#1: Post by Agajohn »

Just came across this new level machine from Rocket espresso.

seems like they only introduced it in europe and not selling in the US yet.

seems like it has a live pressure graph too.
goes for €4,877.00

also here is a video of it in action from our german speaking friend



Lever control with manual pressure profiling (no automatic/semiautomatic)
Graphic colour touch display
Permanent magnets volumetric pump for absolutely precise and silent operation
Bodywork all stainless steel
Boilers all AISI 316L stainless steel made.
24 Volt pump, 7.2 litres/min.
Brew boiler + saturated group assembly: 1.9 litre - 1200 W
Service boiler: 3.6 litre - 1400 W
Max. power consumption of machine: 1600 W


420 x 505 x 645* mm (width x depth x height)
Weight: 42.4 kg • Water feed: Hard plumbed operation or pour over operation

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#2: Post by ira »

It's certainly striking, but not really a lever machine other than it's controlled by a lever looking thing. One of the links indicates it uses a gear pump to control flow and uses a PID controlling that pump to adjust pressure. But no way to tell how close to the truth those are.


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#3: Post by bgn »

Wow, it's gorgeous. I watched the whole video and didn't understand a word of it. Electronic grinders have come a long way! I haven't looked at the grinder forum in three years since I got my Monolith. The lever thing is very pretty but I'm going to stick with the old school thing that this is using fancy stuff to replicate.

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#4: Post by Randy G. »

Was thinking about watching it, but...
A lever machine...
with a volumetric pump!? :roll:
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#5: Post by SandraF »

What is that first grinder he shows? He goes on to use a Mazzer to actually grind.