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New Rocket coming soon


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Saturated group it seems


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Possibly a less expensive version of the R91, with smaller boilers so warm up is quicker, and doesn't weigh 100 lbs?
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Capuchin Monk

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Possibly similar to one of those seen on Aliexpress. Also, thermoblock appearance.


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Rocket introduced it at Host Milan today. Looks like a R58 and a R9 One hybrid. Between LM and now Rocket, app technology is the new biggie thing. And the absence of pressure gauges on this machine and LM StradA X1 has me a little meh!
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Looks like there are a few new machine releases. I am hoping for some more profiling ones, but they didn't mention profiling in the features list in the brochure. ... cca-en.pdf

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Hmm, more companies are going with lever and button for steam and hot water valve but Rocket decided to go back (from R9 One) to the traditional turn knob. :?

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Something wrong with the turn knob?
It's a design/ aesthetician decision I'd think, u less the lever or button somehow are better when it comes to performance.

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Some people only use steam full on, so a toggle of some sort is better workflow.