Rocket Appartamento temperature inconsistencies

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I have a 5 month old Appartamento that I am trying to troubleshoot issues. Thing worked perfect for 4 months, then had a problem with boiler pressure. Pressure would just rise forever and never stop causing the "horn" to blow releasing steam. Replaced the pressurestat and I thought I was good. Now I am experiencing inconsistent pressure reading.

The pressurestat click when it turns off. Currently set for 1 bar. When it is working correctly, you hear it heating and a little click to turn off slightly over 1 bar. Sometimes the "click" is happening anywhere from 1.1 to 2.2 bars.

There seems to be inconsistencies with temp too that never existed the first 4 months. I have Eric's thermometer. Previously brewhead was stable at around 210 always when not in use and I would flush to 205 and pull immediatly to get the thermometer to read ~200 for most of the shot. Now without pulling a shot temp is anywhere from 205 to 215 sitting idle. Also pulling a shot with the "flush n go" at 205 the shot is starting at 202 and dropping to 196 over the course of the 30 second shot, which is too fast a of drop.I even tried flushing to just 208i and it still drops fast to 198 during shot and end of shot is at 196. But now, you really have no idea what temp is going to be, how long the flush will need to be, or what the temp will show during the pull. Just seems very inconsistent.

Are these issues related? Why so much temp inconsistencies now?