Rocket Appartamento boiler temperature and flush time

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Postby drummerboy7816 » Aug 14, 2019, 2:30 pm

Hi All,

So I've owned my Rocket Appartamento for almost a year now, but recently just added an E61 group head thermometer to it and realized that I was pulling the shots way too cold (I would wait 15-20 minutes or so where the boiler temp reached 1.0 and pulled, which was then pulling at 180ish). I then proceeded to let it warm up for 30 minutes as others online have suggested, but then the thermometer would read 203+ and when I initiate the pull, it would go to 210+. I understand this is why I need to do a cooling flush, but I find that in order to be pulling close to 200 or a little below which is what I like, I need to flush about 10-12oz (I run it till 195, then by the time I grind and get milk ready for stream to pull, it would then be pulling at 200ish), this seems like a lot of water to use for flushing and would require refills every 2-3 days?

Any suggestions/ideas?


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Postby erics » Aug 14, 2019, 3:25 pm

Let the machine warm up for 45-60 minutes, do a 2-3 second flush and pull away. The temperature of the water presented to the puck is 3-5 degrees below what the thermometer reads during the middle 2/3rds of the shot.

What does the thermometer read when the portafilter is in the group after this warm up period?

What is your ambient temperature?

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Postby drummerboy7816 » Aug 14, 2019, 6:20 pm

Oh wow, that's a long warm up and short flush!

What does the thermometer read when the portafilter is in the group after this warm up period? I'll try it tomorrow morning with the 45min warm up and report back, but I imagine it would be in the 205+ range.

Ambient temp around my house in SoCal is about low to mid 70s in the morning when I make my coffee now a days.


Postby drummerboy7816 » Aug 17, 2019, 2:26 pm

Hm, so 45 min warm up made it 210 at the termo and when pulling it was 216. I adjusted the pressure down some yesterday but now today the pressure is 1.25, so when pulling streaming it is at 1ish, but my brew head temp won't go above 185 degrees even after 1 hour warm up.. ugh. Don't know what's going on

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Postby slipchuck » replying to drummerboy7816 » Aug 17, 2019, 2:57 pm

It aga
Sometimes a little bit of adjustment can make a moderate difference in group head temperature
You might have to go back and adjust it again

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Postby Bluenoser » Aug 17, 2019, 4:44 pm

HX designs are also prone to getting an air bubble locked into it.. If your resting boiler pressure is 1.25 it seems like your idle should be above 185. Sometimes this might indicate an air bubble in your thermosiphon (TS) loop. I don't have really much experience with this on my own HX. So to get rid of the air, I've read that you pull a long flush.. maybe 10 seconds. The air bubble can be caused from doing a micro-flush.. shorter than 1 second. So do one long flush and see what temp is in about 2 minutes.

All E61s are subject to about a 45 minute warm up.. no getting around it.. doesn't matter if it is HX, SB or DB.

But might want to go back to original setting and just develop a good flushing routine.


Postby Thermosiphon » Aug 20, 2019, 11:28 pm

I owned an Appartamento for 2 or 3 months more as a fascination over its incredibly smart cosmetics and also to experience the workflow of a dragon HX. I sold after only using it a handful of times. (Aside: I learned that I really enjoy dragon HX machines; but that they're only worth it if you can plumb them in)

I had Eric's thermometer installed in mine. It would typically be up to temperature in 25 minutes or so if I remember right, BUT if it was left idling for 40 minutes or more, I'd have to flush 8 or more ounces in order to get down to brew temperature. This was with the pressure set to ~1.05 bar or so, which was the factory default. It went through indeed a lot of water for a pour over HX...had I kept the machine I'd be refilling the tank basically every day.

This is why the machine is Rocket's entry machine -- I felt it was slightly overpriced at $1500, but at $1700 in the USA now it's really not worth it anymore. I think the European market has it priced much more fairly. I suspect the Moffaziato and Giotto are a little smarter in the HX design but I cannot confirm that for sure...but even if they're not, the fact that they come in plumbable varieties should make a big difference in the practical workflow day to day.