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I use the flush button and wait until the system hits peak pressure (you can tell by the sound) and then wait 5 seconds. I repeat 3-4 times while I have some detergent in. Then I take out the portafilter, flush a little more water, and then out the portafilter back in with the blank and flush like mentioned above 3-4 more times to rinse all the detergent out. One of the DE crew suggested that.
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Got my DE1PRO v1.1 last week and been shaking it out. Although my prior experience was limited to a PID'd Gaggia Classic, as an engineer the pull toward Software Defined Espresso was hard to resist. Been playing around with various profiles -- the default that came preloaded, my own, and some posted by the Basecamp DE community. While there is definitely some experimenting -- and this machine is designed to enable exactly that -- have already pulled some of the best shots I've experienced. Only hiccup was that the USB cable that connects the tablet to the machine turned out to be faulty -- wasn't able to charge the tablet -- but that is now fixed. Very, very happy with my purchase.

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