Reneka Viva S not flowing water - Alarm Flow Meter

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Hi guys,

I would like to start saying that this is my first commercial coffee machine, we bought to use it in our office.

The machine is an used Reneka VIva S 1 group.
We connected directly to our water line and the drainage is going to some container.

The problem: when I try to make a coffee (1 or 2 small/big) no water is flowing (sometimes just a bit), and
I'm getting this error on the screen "Alarm Flow Meter " that according to threads it clearly indicates that there's no
good flow of water.

I would say that by cleaning it (removing the brewing head and clean it) should be fine, but I'm also wondering if it could be because an external
pump is needed
? I tried to check on Internet if this model need it but found nothing.

What is working:
Steamer works nicely.
Hot water.
When I press the buttons for make coffee I can hear some relays.

Appreciate a lot the help guys!


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Little progress:

This machines doesnt need external pump.
We already clean the brewing head.
Checked all pipes( and cleaned) that goes from the high pressure chamber to the head.
Cleaned the flow meter.
Cleaned the Boiler.

Now the only think is missing is to clean the pressure chamber (the block with pipes after the low pressure pump).

What do you think guys?


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For those in the same situation as me, the fix was just to clean the pipes and valves, they were dirty.