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#1: Post by jasonburk »

I can't unscrew the steam wand tip (factory, single hole) from my month-old Expobar Office Lever Plus. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I dipped it in hot water for 10min, and removed as much milk residue as possible.
I sprayed some WD-40 on it, and let it sit for 15min

Does anyone know if I should be unscrewing it clockwise or counter-clockwise?



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Doesn't the tip have a flat area on both sides? I used a crescent wrench on it, counterclockwise (if the tip is facing you with the wand behind it).


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Try to put Puly Caff ( or something similar ) in the milk pitcher and take hot water from the machine, then put the wand in there for 5-10 minutes rinse, then it should come off.

jasonburk (original poster)

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i had to remove the steam arm, and put it in my friend's bench-mounted vise. With a good amount of force, I finally got the tip off :D

For anyone else that may come across the same difficulty:

Like matteo411 mentioned, you rotate it counter/anti-clockwise if the steam tip is pointed at you.

Thanks for your help.

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#5: Post by stuartmac »

i wrapped the tip with rubber tape and used vise grip pliers to get mine off.

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#6: Post by erics »

Does anyone know if I should be unscrewing it clockwise or counter-clockwise?
If you are looking at the bottom of the tip, turn it in a counter-clockwise direction. Using rubber kitchen gloves (simple thin latex could be better) it should easily unscrew.

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