Rancilio V2 Problem / Pump Help

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Postby sp703 » Jul 12, 2016, 1:15 pm


I've got a V2 and it's been working flawlessly for me for years. I recently moved and post the move the machine stopped working. There doesn't look to be any damage or dents etc. That would indicate it was dropped or shocked in some way, but it no longer will pull a shot or steam anything.

It's been PID modded so I can see the temp readings and it's heating up properly.

What I am seeing is the following. I warm the machine, and it heats up to 223 or so. I've primed it as well and hot water definitely comes out of the wand and into my cup.

But if I flip the brew switch nothing comes out. The machine fires up and sounds like it's trying to pump but no water comes out of the grouphead. Additionally if I swap to steaming I see the temp raise up on the PID display for proper steaming but nothing comes out of the wand if I open it.

Any ideas? I've checked for blocks on the tubes and everything looks ok there. But it feels like either it's not pumping or there is something else internally possibly blocking? Or could there be something super simple I should look for that had a connection get knocked loose.

Any help / ideas would be great.