Rancilio Silvia with PID overheating issue

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#1: Post by dottest37 »

I have a Rancilio Silvia V3 with Auber PID that was working great for about 3 years.
For whatever reason now it is overheating and the thermostat protection keeps popping up.

This is the sequence:
- Machine is disconnected
- Machine is connected and turned ON
- PID LED is solid red
- Power light (top switch) is also solid.
- Temp on the PID starts climbing, at about 182 degrees the PID LED stars blinking slowly
- Power light on top switch remains solid (this is the strange part, because I remember it should be blinking in sync with the PID's LED)
- At about 225 degrees the PID LED is completely off, but the top switch light remains solid.
- Temp keeps raising, passing 250 degrees, and eventually the thermostat pops up
- Top switch light stays solid but temperature slowly decays.

I opened the machine, pushed the thermostat reset button and the cycle repeats.
Thats started happening yesterday, I tested it on brew mode, I havent test it on froth mode, but I guess it will be the same.
I never run the machine without water.

I do have another PID, brand new, but I dont think is the problem, since the red LED of the PID seems to indicate it is working fine (the LED is first solid, then as temperature increase it stats blinking, which I think is because the PID is trying to turn the heat off-on slowly to reach desire target temp)

This is my home machine, I have tools, multimeter, etc but I never adventured on taken apart a coffee machine.

Do you guys have suggestions on what might be happening?



#2: Post by happycat » replying to dottest37 »

My guess:

Power to pid ok (power led)
Pid logic ok (blinking)
But component used to connect/disconnect the power is stuck on

Ask Auber. Maybe they can tell you the component and you can solder in a replacement.
LMWDP #603


#3: Post by dottest37 »

Do you think I should put the spare PID I have and check?
It is brand new in the box.


#4: Post by happycat » replying to dottest37 »

Well, it seems like it would be ok.

you have thermal protection

If it's the same product, it will help you test the hypothesis
LMWDP #603


#5: Post by dottest37 »

Is not the PID. I put the brand new one.
Exact same behavior.

I took a video with my phone, i could post it but there is no much to it,, PID LED start blinking when the boiler gets hot but the Power Switch light stays solid and the temperature keeps increasing, non stop.


#6: Post by dottest37 »

One thing I just noticed.
The heating element seems to be shorted to ground.
There is resistance when probing one of the contacts of the heating element and any part of the chassis of the machine.
Using continuity on my multimeter I hear a beep when probing any of the two contacts to anywhere metallic on the chassis.

Im assuming the heating element should not be shorted to ground.
Maybe thats the problem?


#7: Post by dottest37 »

Took the plunge and ordered a Heating Element, and I added a boiler gasket that I think I will need.
I never replaced things like this before? would I need any other material or part?
Maybe I need some plumber's liquid gasket or some sealant.
Any suggestion is welcomed.


#8: Post by JRising » replying to dottest37 »

You are correct with the element and boiler-gasket. You won't need other items or liquid gasket.
Good luck on the element swap. From your description of diagnosing the element short, I agree that you've diagnosed correctly.


#9: Post by dottest37 »

Hopefully thats the problem.
The part were shipped today, I think i will get them on Friday.

I need to fix this quick, my wife has been giving me French Press coffee for the last 4 days.


#10: Post by Paolo »

Have you checked the SSR?
I have had a faulty one that gave the same symptoms...heater just wouldn't turn off.