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borrik wrote:Silvia is good machine, but unfortunately it's very overpriced. Too much plastic for the price. Happy owners struggling to find reasons why they bought Silvia and not e61. Marketing dept of Rancilio do its job great.
I owned an E61 and sold it in favor of a Silvia Pro. Didn't like the minimum 20+ minute heatup time.

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Yepp, I 've never said that it is bad machine, just overpriced. Less heat time its not because of some sort of miracles, it's because of less metal/brass/copper parts used in water circuit, plastic tubing, release valve, etc. Cheapest pot from grocery store also has 2 min heating time, and what?
Machine is half empty. There is no sophisticated things - just PID an vibratory pumps so price of such machines should be based on design and material cost...which is not the case here.


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Sorry, have you looked at the inside of a Silvia Pro? The entire brew group and boiler is brass. All high pressure lines are hard line copper or braided stainless flex tube. The group is barely any different from a solenoid actuated E61, minus the thermosiphon.

Your point makes no sense regardless, because that stuff doesn't make a machine better. The BDB has tons of plastic (well, teflon) tubing - heck, the group dispersion block is some kind of phenolic resin - and yet the in cup results are as good as if not better than any E61 machine.