Rancilio Silvia Pro Vacuum Trap Water Issue

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#1: Post by hudsongarlic »

Loving my Silvia Pro....
However the water level sensor is way too sensitive.
It often turns the machine off when the reservoir is still half full.
I drain and reinsert the sensor but before you know it the problem is back.
I have checked the trap for leaks and have pushed the tubing all the way onto it but nothing helps, anyone else experiencing this?

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

It should be impossible for the plastic "Bell" to fill with water if it is upright and it, the hose or the switch isn't leaking. The water can't get in if the air can't get out.
Re-check the hose's connections to the bell and the switch, they'd be the likely spots. Or remove the bell and draw a vacuum on the hose (suck on the hose and block the end with your tongue. Can it hold the vacuum or is air leaking in through the switch somewhere?

How long does it take to waterlog the bell? If it's only a few minutes after filling the reservoir, the leak should be bad enough to hear when gently blowing into the hose.