Rancilio Silvia Pro users...I need some support.

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I work as Barista about three days a week, for about the last four months. So I am not a complete novice, but I am absolutely a complete novice lol. I need some help.

We moved into our house last year and I have really wanted to buy an espresso machine. But still kind of on the fence. But finally I started looking and it took me like 2 months to pick one out. I didn't want to spend too much money. But I also didn't want to spend a small amount of money and be unhappy with the performance.

Finally pick one. I get my Rancilio Silvia Pro as it kinda checked out for what I was looking for. I unbox it and the cord is badly bent. It didn't break, but it was darn close. It will have a permanent bend and visible line for the rest of its life. So I'm a little unhappy about that. But my husband says its fine and I wait a day or two and then I get it going. At first, I am a terrible tamper. (I don't have to tamp where I work) But I am figuring that out. I then realize that water is leaking into the drip tray from inside the machine. Not from the group head or portafilter. Every time I pull a shot over a tablespoon of water goes into the drip tray from inside the machine. So that is concerning...or is it? Is this normal? Yikes.

I contacted Seattle coffee gear because they want issues reported within 5 days, just to get it on the books.

Now on the fifth day of having this machine, I can see that the paint is chipping on the steam wand. :shock: Like...what in the world.... is this normal for these? I clean the wand every time I use it. I am totally used to cleaning a wand every time I use it, its muscle memory for me at this point. I have all of my kids at home and they are all young adults in college (they drink coffee) Plus for Oregon, a huge snow storm, so we are all at home. (anywhere in the midwest, its just a regular winter day lol) So I have made quite a few drinks in the last few days, trying to get the feel for this machine.

I just feel really disappointed. I got a bit of a deal on it being I was a first time buyer on that site but between that and the grinder I spent around 2k. I spent all this time trying to pick out the right one and maybe I didn't. Are these things normal. Help. :cry:

If you got through all of this, thanks for reading and thanks for letting me post in your group!

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Well... the drip tray water is primarily from the 3-way as it will send excess pressure after every extraction, when the pump is operated even with no portafilter in place and so on. Also, when the steam boiler is ON some of that pressure from the steam boiler heating will drip into the tray as well. Both of those 'issues' are totally normal. If you're doing say 5-6 extractions per day you're going to see several oz. of water in the drip tray. Some complain about the Silvia tray design, but if emptied daily it should never become a spill issue.

Not aware of any paint being on the wand as it's a high quality stainless top/bottom.

IMBHO the Silvia Pro is a fantastic/highly capable machine that if in 100% normal functioning condition should provide you with many yrs of daily service with basic cleaning/preventive maintenance.

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Okay, that is great that the drip tray is totally normal. That makes me really happy.

The wand might be stainless....but it has a coating of paint on it. On the Rancilio website they say it is stainless. So hopefully its stainless under the paint. But there is def paint chipping. I would post a picture of it, but I forgot how to use a message board lol. Its been a minute since I posted on this kind of format lol

I have experienced chipping like this on faucets or parts of faucets that I have purchased over the years....which is why I thought I had picked a winner in this machine. The difference is, the faucets that chipped on me were on some type of plastic.

Thanks so much!!

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Kind of odd if it is painted... mine on the Pro model is complete stainless, except for the high temp sleeve in the middle area.

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picture of steam wand flaking

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OK yeah a bit odd no doubt... Would ask if anything harsh has been used to clean it, but quality stainless really doesn't change to that degree regardless of how it's treated. Any chance that could simply be calcium deposits from not being cleaned often enough as it can indeed really bond to a surface over time?

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That looks like dried milk to me. Soak it with a damp rag then give it a good scrub. Burned on milk can be a but stubborn but it'll come off.

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Dried milk that didn't wipe off w wet towel ? Maybe use something bit more aggressive wo damaging the wand to confirm.

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That's not paint.

Clean your steam wand. Maybe use the Urnex product.

https://urnex.com/rinza-acid-milk-syste ... ing-liquid

Every place that sells and/or services espresso machines should sell and know how to use Rinza, but it probably has instructions if they won't explain it... If you've ever been in the same room as an espresso machine, it will soon become a favorite product.

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If a wand is purged/wiped after every use no products are needed. Even a soak in hot water will usually soften buildup and wipe/peel away. Kinda like Grindz as it's a lazy way to clean a grinder instead of simply breaking it down for a more thorough manual cleaning.