Rancilio Silvia Pro Steam Boiler Pump Noise

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#1: Post by GregoryJ »

I've seen reports that the steam refill pump on the Silvia Pro is very loud and vibrates the machine a lot. In the CoffeeGeek initial look they said there will be a kit which dampens this. Has anyone got their hands on that kit yet? Does it seem to make a big difference?

Video 1:
Video 2 (skip to 5:40):


#2: Post by RJB83 »


I was strongly considering the all black version from Prima but that noise is unbearable.

The reviews I saw with pre production models said that Rancilio would fix that but looking at video 1 it's clear they didn't.

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#3: Post by Suds »

I just received my Silvia Pro yesterday and it doesn't exhibit loud noise from the service boiler pump like in the video above. The noise seems to be on par with the brew pump and inline with most vibratory pumps.

GregoryJ (original poster)

#4: Post by GregoryJ (original poster) » replying to Suds »

That's good! Have you looked inside yet? I'm curious if the steam boiler pump is connected directly to a copper pipe or something else. This was supposedly the reason it was so loud.


#5: Post by Suds » replying to GregoryJ »

No, I have not looked inside. I really don't have a reason to want to disassemble the machine as all appears good. I did pull the water reservoir but could not see anything under reservoir as the the frame/water support blocks the view.