Rancilio Silvia 3-way Valve Removal

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Whiplash Willy

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I am trying to remove my 3 way valve on my V3 Silvia for cleaning. I have read through several articles, but I am having problems removing the spout. I can't find a wrench that fits the nut between the spout and coil: See Picture:

Is a special thin wrench/tool needed to remove this? If so, where can I get it? Can anyone tell me what size that "Coil Retaining Nut" is?


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You should be able to remove the plastic end before removing the nut.


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Whiplash Willy (original poster)

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napierzaza wrote:You should be able to remove the plastic end before removing the nut.
I tried removing it by hand, but it is too tight, I could try using adjustable pliers, but that would probably screw up the plastic. How is everybody else removing this? Any suggestions on how to remove the plastic spout without damaging the plastic spout?
This is one of the articles I looked at, This unit has a large brass nut between the Spout and Coil Retaining nut, as you can see below. My 3 way valve doesn't have that.

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Wrap electrical tape around the plier's jaws or simply use a double-fold t-shirt cloth on the jaws.

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