Rancilio Epoka - Heat, steam but no espresso

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#1: Post by MartinRaz »

I had trouble with my steamwand, so opened the machine and changed the rubber gasket.
Now steam is perfect again, but suddenly there is no light in the espressobutton, so I cannot turn it on.

I am wandering what could have happened - all seems to be connected still


#2: Post by expelliarmus »

Open it back up and check the wire connected to the button. Trace the line and make sure the connectors are fully seated. Could be a coincidence that the light goes bad at the same time you opened it up, but it seems more likely that it was something incidental.

MartinRaz (original poster)

#3: Post by MartinRaz (original poster) »

Did check all lines - cannot see any fault anywhere - but no activation when trying to brew. But perfect steam and hot water.

MartinRaz (original poster)

#4: Post by MartinRaz (original poster) »

Still not working.

Steam is on, but the pump does not turn on - I just emptied the hot water/steam... and pump does not start to pull in water again.