Quickmill Vetrano 2B with weak steam

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I'm trying to figure out if my machine steams properly. i have some doubts but i could be wrong and it's fine. Boiler set to 255F. 1.25bar to start. drops to .9 bar instantly. then to .5 bar after 56 seconds of steaming(seems like a long time but it continually drops, especially in first 30 seconds). truth be told i never went off the numbers just the feel and look.

But when i thought it steamed poorly (as in weak), at times, i wanted to try and quantify so i started paying attention to the gauge. I had a Andreja Premium for 10 years and I would categorize that heat exchanger machine as a better steaming machine. (In fact the Andreja I had my friend now has and he sent me a video of the gauge. Starts at 1.2 drops to 1.1 and pretty much holds or it goes up a tiny bit. Dunno?) the machine is less than a year old and gets cleaned monthly. back flushing and steam wand cleaning.

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My first "go to assumption" when I have a machine where the steam pressure drops off quickly when steaming is that "The boiler is over-filled" steam pocket too small, available steam in steam pocket running out quickly, liquid too deep (boiler contains more mass than designed for) and needing too much wattage to replace released steam.

I would remove, inspect and clean the level probe. Reinstall and let it heat normally. Let water out until you hear the boiler auto-fill itself. If all that works properly, you can assume the boiler is filled to the level it should be. Let it rest a bit to become thermally stable and see if your steaming has improved.

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thanks John.
the fill probe was cleaned and then replaced at a later date. also the temp sensor and the inlet solenoid were also replaced. like i wrote in the initial post, i wouldn't even pay attention to the gauge, if steaming were adequate, but now i do. so i have been trying to find videos of steaming. when i watch videos and can see the gauge, it seems as if mine is dropping too much too fast. but i could be wrong.
do the numbers i put in the first post suggest that there could be an issue? or am i mistaken?

maybe this make and model doesn't steam as well as i thought it would. but then there is the issue of why it steams better at times then at other times

i have just received a new vacuum breaker/over pressure valve. ill replace it when i get home next week. i did notice dripping into the drip tray from the discharge port, excessive. could that effect the steaming?


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I have the same machine as you but have adequate steam pressure and temperature. I haven't observed the gauge during steaming in a very long time so the next time I'm making a coffee, I'll report back what I observe (if that helps).

[UPDATE Jan 8]I observed the steam pressure gauge this morning as I pulled my espresso. The starting pressure was 1.5 Bar. Throughout the entire 35 second steaming, the pressure dropped to and remained steady at 1.0 Bar. When I stopped steaming, the boiler recovered to 1.5 Bar within 15 seconds. Starting temperature is 126°C and drops to 123°Cby the end of steaming.
- Robert

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I agree with Rob. The Vetrano steams very powerfully. If you think it's got inadequate steam, then there's something going wrong.