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Yes , I have a decent abs my go to profile is a lever style like you have explained. I go to 8bar max instead of 9 as it seems to cut back the harshness a little .

The workflow and repeatability of the decent is unmatched by any machine I have previously owned .

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My top of the list used to be a Slayer, Bosco, and, Londinium. Now it's definitely a Decent in the number 1 slot.
I've read and watched a bunch of things about profiles. One of them was go up to 9 bar to get the chocolate notes, that's the tasting notes on the jackrabbit espresso I have, and keep it around 6 bars max for the fruitier beans. Have you gotten that?


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I find a slightly lower peak pressure gets me a more well balanced shot.

Here is one I pulled today . I was trying to emulate my La Pavoni by building a flow base profile that drops off at end to not extract that bitterness I experience with an increasing / constant flow profile.

This was a geshia coffee that was great but this shot was one of the best I have ever got from my decent. It was outstanding . Amazing milk chocolate notes while still having complexity. Great a both a shot and with milk.

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That looks like fun. Having a bunch of machines in one.

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Couple enhancements to the workflow.
Revision 4 or 5. Made the tick marks finer. Helps me confidently make a grind adjustment.

So I don't need to keep bending down to look at the shot especially while adjusting the flow and looking at the pressure gauge. Even came in brown. Gotta wash that drip tray.

The darker jackrabbit espresso beans are now finished. Back to my home roasts that I think are medium - medium light roasts. First few shots came out really bright so trying to see what extending the preinfusion/soak time will do. I start the shot off at 1/2 a turn which is about 4 grams a second until the pressure comes up and I see drops appear at the bottom of the portafilter which is waaay easier now with the mirror. Then I close the flow and hold for 15 seconds. Open it back up to get the pressure up to 6 bars and just let the pressure drop on its own as the puck erodes. Tamed the brightness down.

I've been too focused on getting videos of the shots and a couple times completely forgot about the cup. Got the angle and lighting nice. Bottom of the portafilter is nicely focused. FCD at 1/2 turn. Let's run the shot. Something's missing :oops: Luckily I've gotten the cup under there just in time.

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Still enjoying the process of flow control. I had just dialed in the last bean and now they're gone. :cry: Gives me the opportunity to try out a new bag o beans. And my first shot at frozen beans. Got a free bag after a cupping class a week ago. Wanted them fresh so froze them right away.

Definitely need to tweak something as the sweetness did not show up in the shot.

They had a gs3 in the cupping room, maybe next time I'll ask them to run a shot to try the beans as espresso.

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New bean, new profile to try.
First shot with the beans was horrible. Temp too low, grind too coarse, made a cappuccino for the bride and she took one sip and made a face. She said bitter, but it was sour. Face pinching sour. Even through all that milk sour.
This is from the third or fourth shot after I raised the temp and tightened the grind way down. Blooming shot. Half turn on the fcd until the pressure goes up to 5 bars. Shut it down and let it bloom for 30 seconds. 6 bars until end of shot. Much better. She even liked the cappuccino I made for her too.