Quick Mill Vetrano 2B & Profitec Pro 700 -- same knob thread?

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Do these machines share the same thread pattern for the Knobs / Handles for water & steam and joystick (handles in photos)? Anyone know what the thread is for each on the Vetrano? I think M12 on the large knobs?


Team HB

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The Vetrano's holes are closer together, but the threads and sizes of the tips are the same. Both have the inner o-ring for the burn-free tubing.

Livin (original poster)

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Thx. I meant the handles/knobs. I clarified in the post and included photos.

Team HB

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Sorry about that.

The threads in the knobs are very different sizes.

The threads for the fittings on the backs of the valves are all the same thread (though sometimes of different length) making the valves replaceable with other types.
I hope one of the above answers has finally answered the actual question. :) I need another espresso.

Livin (original poster)

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Much appreciated. I suspect the Vetrano is 12M on the knob. I need to see if I can find out. thx!