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#11: Post by cafeIKE »

Can't comment on the 3-way link as I don't see that in the photos.
This is 3-way w solenoid

I'm assuming you are not pulling shots while the hot water boiler is filling.

With a hot machine, pull hot water from the machine until the pump starts and record the volume. Let the boiler fill.
Let steam pressure rebuild. Repeat 2x. Should be very close to the same volume.

Now pull 5 30 second shots against a blind basket at 2 minute intervals. Don't remove the pf between shots. Note if any shots fail to reach brew pressure. Measure return water for each shot. All should be close to previously measured.

Now pull hot water from the machine until the pump starts. Repeat 2x. Verify hot water volume expelled until pump starts. If the volume is the same, 3-way valve is not leaking.

Screamsi (original poster)

#12: Post by Screamsi (original poster) »

Pull hot water from the steam boiler correct? Also, measure the volume being pulled into the machine by the intake tube?

In regard to that solenoid, can I get something similar? I could not find the exact model online.

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#13: Post by cafeIKE »

Correct on pulling hot water from the steam/hot water boiler.

The Sirai is discontinued. As long as the voltage, pressure and plumbing connections match, similar is OK. You can get adapter fittings to fit almost anything.
An excellent resource is site sponsor Espresso Care. They don't have exactly the part, but do have a wealth of knowledge on machines and parts.

3-way @ CafeParts

QM76 parts manual
Quickmill parts @ EspressoDolce

Screamsi (original poster)

#14: Post by Screamsi (original poster) »

Thanks for the responses and the help Ian!

I'm currently at work, so no pictures until the afternoon but I did have another question. So that solenoid in the picture is the fill solenoid. It is a two-way solenoid since it doesn't have the second outlet on the top side, correct?

I know you want to eliminate all other possibilities first, but do you believe that is what's causing the water issue from the group? I ask because since it's a fill solenoid valve would that have an effect on the water coming out of the group? Also, would that explain why my pucks have been more saturated with water since the issue began?

Sorry for all of the questions, but this is a great learning experience.

Thanks again!

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#15: Post by cafeIKE »

It's called a 3 way valve because of the way it's plumbed. This is an HX, but similar idea for DB where brew boiler is HX

About 3-way Solenoid Valve Operation

Screamsi (original poster)

#16: Post by Screamsi (original poster) »


Tested the hot water pulls - I got 6 oz. each time before the pump kicked on (3 times)

Tested the return with a blind basket @ 2 minute intervals without removing the basket. 4 oz to the return with a slight increase each time (5 tests)

Tested hot water pulls once again, and pump came on at 6 oz. each time.

I am going to remove the three way solenoid and check for scale and clean it out as best as I can using the following guide
https://clivecoffee.zendesk.com/hc/en-u ... l-Solenoid

I think that if I'm still running into problems after cleaning the solenoid, I will just go ahead and replace it.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions, or if you would like me to run any other tests.

- Ulises

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#17: Post by cafeIKE »

I just recalled that I had a similar issue way back with my Vibiemme HX. The pump location under the boiler was causing issues. I added a thick piece of silicone foam between the pump and the boiler. I also rotated the pump body so the thermistor faces away from the boiler.

If you have a voltmeter, I'd first check the pump voltage across the terminals. The voltage across the pump should be very close to the same with the machine cold as hot.

Thermistors sometimes go bad. If you have a voltage decrease when the machine is hot, temporarily remove the thermistor. As long as you don't run the pump more than one minute in two, it's OK.

With the machine unplugged, there should be very little difference in the resistance across the thermistor when the machine is stone cold as when it is hot.

Screamsi (original poster)

#18: Post by Screamsi (original poster) »

Update #...

Tested the voltage and I got 120 both hot and cold. I didn't test the thermistor because I tested the machine hot (it was on for a couple of hours). I did visually inspect it for loose cables and or signs of burning out. It looked brand new - because the pump is new.

Everything seemed normal, so I think I'm going to call one of the forum sponsors for advice on ordering a comparable 3 way valve. At this point, I think this is the last item to replace/troubleshoot.


#19: Post by Giampiero »

Probably i don't understood, but where in your QM67 there should be a 3 way solenoid valve , as well how the 2 way solenoid valve ( steam boiler refilling valve) should affect the pump functionality?

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#20: Post by cafeIKE »

If the 3-way is leaking, it would affect brew pressure.

Before I replaced it, I would see if it is leaking by removing the steam boiler side and also the 3-way and steam heater power leads. If there is a leak while brewing, it should be apparent.