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According to Chris Coffee the new QM 67 DB is ready to ship to customers. Last minute improvements were made by CC to the PID programming and by changing both heating elements from brew 600w to 800w and steam 1000w to 1400w.

If you received one of these machines please post about it.

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CCS has posted a video on their website of this new machine, looks pretty nice. I did notice some front panel/group head flex when the porta filter was inserted....what do you all think of the machine based on the video footage ?


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LMWDP #248

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Very nice! Just too bad the steam boiler is small, but I guess for home use is OK.

More curious about that pulser device that supress noise... Does it work? It seems the machine is not too noisy, but you never now... I wonder if this thing can absorb the pump vibration and avoid the machine vibration, hence reducing noise.



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Anyone else notice this ?

I went back and watched the video again and i noticed a couple things that would have me on the fence. The machine looks promising for home use when making moderate quantities of milk drinks. I would think it would make a nice espresso given good grinder and beans. Is there any reason to opt for this machine over an Andrea, Anita or higher cost Rocket Celleni V2

-Steaming bar gauge starts at approx 1.4 bar and drops to about 1 bar within 25 seconds, seems to drop pretty quick. Most HX machines i have operated never dropped below 1.1 from 1.3.

-Flex in the sheet metal when he inserted the group handle.


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The steam boiler is small, I find 0.4 bar drop pretty normal. That's why they are using 1400W, for a very fast recovery.

I've noticed the flex too... Maybe they should review the frame and front panel..

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Wonder why they didn't just opt for a rotary pump?
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Presumably to keep the cost down.

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Space and price? A rotary pump is very expensive...


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I think many similar prosumer machines have a bit of flex when the PF is cranked down. As I recall, my Anita did that too, but it wasn't a big deal. So does my Alex Duetto. No biggie.

As others have said, vibe pumps are cheaper than rotaries and work just fine. Sounds like they have tried to reduce the noise of the vibe, which is the main thing most people don't like about them. Also, rotaries usually need to be plumbed in or have a shutoff to prevent damage if they are run dry, so this adds cost too. The price is presently about $100 less than the Vivaldi Mini, which also has a vibe pump, but if Quickmill used a rotary, it would cost over $2,000 and would not offer much advantage over the Vivadli II, VBM and Izzo machines. Seems like a smart decision to me.

The one thing I noticed from the video was that they didn't steam and pull shots at the same time, which is one of the main advantages of dual boiler machines. I'm not sure if that was deliberate or not. Hard to believe that they would design the machine in such a way that you couldn't pull shots and steam at the same time. I assume this was just an artistic decision, not an indication of a technical issue with the machine.
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