Quick Mill Carola - metal sheet came off and OPV ramps up

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Hi all good people,

There are two issues I've been facing with my QM Carola and hoped I could reach out to the forum wisdom to see how I can get them solved.

First, this metal sheet came off yesterday - it's not a major thing as all it does, to my understanding, is to hold the cover of the drip tray in place. But still it would be good to know - has this happened to others? Have you glued it back in place? And what kind of glue did you use?

Second, I have been trying to get my pressure down via the OPV adjustment, I want to have about 8 bars max as I have noticed this gives me the best control with my flow control. However, every time I adjust via the nice OPV adjustment under the cup tray (I go to 9 bars blind, as that should give me 8 bars with actual coffee) the pressure quickly ramps up to the previous setting after a few sots (it typically goes up to around 9-10 bars). Again, has this happened to others? Why might it be - and is there a solution?

Thanks, always