Quick Mill Andreja Premium PID - Poor Steam?

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I have purchased the above about a month ago after my Vibemmie Domobar Super died after 15 years of excellent service.

I am having trouble with the amount of steam coming from the steam wand.
I have removed the wand, the ball joint, the 4 hole end and checked and cleaned all for blockages etc but still the same result.
There is steam but i was expecting more.

Below is a short video to show the amount of steam i am getting. Does this seem right?

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IWptn- ... sp=sharing

Thanks in advance

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Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Assuming the boiler pressure is similar, the Vibiemme likely didn't have a no-burn wand. No Burn wands have a tube down the center which can reduce the steam volume.

What died on the Vibiemme? I sold a 15 year old one after a rebuild and it's still going strong. My current Vibiemme DB turns 15 this year and has no signs of retiring


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I recently bought a vibiemme domobar super electronic, hope it will last 15 years at least.

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Thanks cafeIKE.

The boiler split on the VBM. Probably could have got it repaired but it served me well.

Do you think the amount of steam in the video link looks normal? Have a little trouble heating milk as there doesnt seem there is enough pressure