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Thanks for the post wasabipeas!
I read the reply from Phil McK with great interest, and spoke with the Breville folks.
Both seem to indicate that the condensation will go away on its own.
One other user mentioned that he had his go away too. I still don't like the fact that there is any condensation at all. I'm going to give it a few weeks (I have a month for a return if I want to) and hope that it goes away on its own. Water is dripping down the inside of the gauge now, it's pretty poor quality control.
I'm pretty impressed with the BDB so far, the WAF is amazingly high, and although I am still dialing things in with the Vario-W, I am making good progress and watching the built-in shot clock. The morning device ON clock is great too.
Overall the build quality is great. If I wanted to upgrade to another unit with these capabilities I'm thinking that I would need to get a Vivaldi II or an Izzo Duetto II. The BDB is a great unit and I just hope the gauge clears up.

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i have been using one for a few weeks. it is amazing.

makes awesome shots.
steams great milk.

condensation in the gauge? i got it also. i wonder if its from backflushing and pushing some up into there? maybe a longer tube? i bet it will go away too. i love this machine.

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Damn, nice pour!
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If you can believe it I'm definitely considering switching to a BDB from my rocket evo.

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If you can believe it.

A friend/my boss sold his GS/3 to get the BDB.

And he is super happy. I went over and checked it out. Now I have one also. These machines are no joke. Totally worth it at twice the price.

I love this machine.

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FWIW I am completely happy with mine. And it was not a cost driven decision.

It makes very good coffee, very easily and very consistently. It's a practical package in terms of size, weight, and power requirements. The front refill and visible water level gauge are very convenient. And it makes perfect microfoam effortlessly.