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Thank you Mr. Ryan! I'll try the disk in the single and look to buy a different disk or basket without holes. Its actually my daughters machine and I'm helping her out, otherwise, I'd fire it up right now and check.


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I read most of the posts on the new Breville Dual Boiler.
First my out of the box experience was exactly as other have suggested 11 bar on the first brew attempt.
I read the manual, which is very strange for me.
i ran a second brew, checking dose, tamp, time, temperature, volume still 11 bar.
the manual suggested adjusting the grind a little more coarse.
Presto, like magic, as i increased the find size, the pressure began to drop
After about 7 adjustments I have
amazing shot which is mellow and smooth
the volume is correct
the tamp is correct
the dose is the correct weight
the creama is correct
the pressure is 8.5 bar
the puck is as close to perfect.

My only complaint is not one of my standard 58 mm portafilters will fit the Breville.
My wife loves the Breville for appearance and ease of moving to clean around the machine.


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While I don't have a BES 900 as yet, I have played with one or two and assisted with making some custom PF handles..

A quick and dirty snap shot of two PF handles and matching Tamper handle.

A note of thanks to Phil as he been kind enough to provide some info that assisted with the management and removal of the original handles.

PS: Do a search for "Nic's Stuff" and her blog about her BES900 experiences. These now grace her machine..

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:lol: You beat me to it AM.

I love love love these handles, they are silky smooth and fit my hand so well and the colour, well I was blown away, it is divine and has a sheen that I can only hope to capture with the camera :D


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Lovely handles!

I'm not too sure if you guys are aware but the naked handles are available for this machine now.

I got mine the other day and took a video of the first shot. It's a bit slow but tasted alright



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Thanks for all of your great posts about the Breville Dual Boiler!
I received mine early this week along with a Vario-W. I am still trying to dial things in properly.
I am using the default settings on the BDB...is there a "sweet spot" for preinfusion, temp, that you have discovered?
One thing that I am upset about so far is the fact that there is a ton of condensation on the inside of the pressure gauge. This should not happen, I am sure of it! I called Breville and they told me that it should just go away on its own. I am doubting this, as it seems to have already increased to the point where most of the gauge is hard to read. (droplets of moisture are easily seen condensed on the inside). It has not gone away after 3 days so far.
My overall impressions of the machine however are great, and now that I see the bottomless portafilter and these beautiful handles are available, this makes things even nicer!
I'd be grateful for advice re: the gauge.
One other thing, is that I have been trying to remove the plastic insert in the portafilter. I have been unable to do this even with screwdrivers and pliers. I'm afraid to break the PF, can the bottom part unscrew entirely?

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Yes the bottom unscrews. Slide a long screw driver through the side of the spout. That will give a lever to apply the force needed to unscrew it. Once that's off the plastic thing is easy to remove.


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thanks nixter! I'm going to remove the plastic insert now. Thanks for your help.
Has anyone else encountered the problem with moisture getting inside the gauge?
Did the moisture go away eventually?
Last, I wonder what Vario settings any of your have discovered that you really like with the BDB, along with any tweaks you've done to the BDB settings (preinfusion time, temp, etc).


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Thanks again nixter, I was able to remove the plastic portafilter insert using the screwdriver technique to remove the bottom portion of the spout. What a pain! Since so many of us are just removing this plastic insert, I wonder why Breville decided to include it.

I guess I'm just wondering whether anyone can advise me about the condensation inside the gauge on the BDB. I'm not sure if this is something that I should send the unit back for, or whether it's something that's a design flaw that everyone is experiencing. Big drops of water are clearly visible on the inside of the gauge and they're not going away. Thanks for any help.


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I don't have a BDB (would love one though!!!!!) and I found this thread from coffeesnobs.com and someone else was complaining about having condensation in the pressure gauge. Here's the link: http://coffeesnobs.com.au/YaBB.pl?num=1312978609/606 The pertinent posts are #614 and #615.

Response #615 is from Phil McKnight who works for Breville and knows much about the BDB.