Quality of Decent Espresso baskets?

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#1: Post by bznelson91 »

I'm a new DE1PRO owner, and perhaps more importantly, new to espresso making. I ordered a 22g basked in addition to the 18g model that comes with the machine, and I've used them both. I've not looked at them with any magnification or other tools, but to my inexperienced eye/hand/taste buds, they seem very nice. I do have a Weber Unibasket (20g) on order, but it's mostly just because, you know, shiny toys. I almost always use a puck screen on top, and most of the time, I use a paper filter on the bottom (Chemex based for now, but I've got some Ahlstrom 909 on order), and I like the results from both of those.

I know there is a LOT of religion around baskets, and I'd like to not (re)open that can of worms here; I'm really just interested in how the Decent baskets fare in terms of overall quality (hole consistency, durability, etc.).


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The quality of the DE baskets are comparable to most of the "precision" baskets on the market. I have heard it said second-hand that there are only two manufacturers that are worth working with and one is Italian. Even if the DE baskets are made by the same ODM as VST, their dimensions and hole count are not the same. Among a group of light-roast enthusiasts, the Pullman baskets are slightly preferred to the VST baskets and the VST baskets are preferred over the DE baskets.

(The "fancy baskets" are another question entirely -- this is in reference to IMS/VST-like baskets.)