Puqpress Mini isn't level

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#1: Post by Amos98 »

Hi all,

I really don't like tamping (shoulder problems), so I got a puqpress mini. However, I haven't been able to get a level tamp. It's uneven in the same way every time. I followed the setup video puqpress put online as well as some other ones, but nothing has worked. As far as i can tell, I set it up perfectly. My manual tamps with a decent v4 leveling tamper come out level every time.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


#2: Post by LindoPhotography »

I have a Puqpress Q2 it seems pretty level, if yours has always been that way since you bought it, it might just be defective, but maybe try with a different portafilter and basket first if you haven't tried already. Nothing is visibly skewed like the support arts or anything?

Hopefully you already talked to the shop you got it from or the Puqpress people and got it worked out?

Team HB

#3: Post by ira »

I've never use or even seen a Pugpress, but from pictures it looks like it locates on the bottom of the portafilter and there is no assurance that surface is square to the top, so I think the idea of trying a different portafilter or moving to a naked portafilter might be worth a try. Also, there is a small one that locates from the top that might work better, though the name escapes me.