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I have a LMLM with lowered pressure (7 bars) and a 0,5 mm gicleur, so it's a lot more gentle on the coffee puck than standard. I use the Normcore puck screen (I think pretty much the same thing as Bplus), and for me it indeed slows down the shot quite a lot.

However there is absolutely no change in taste (that I can feel), no change in how beautiful coffee flows out of the VST basket and no elimination of channeling in case of less than optimal puck prep. Only benefit is cleanliness, but not sure it's worth the hassle of fishing the hot little thing out of the knock box after each shot.

On the other hand, when I got mine I also got one for a friend with a Londinium, and for him the improvement in reducing the channeling is massive, so YMMV.


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Interesting on slowing down the extraction on an LMLM. As for separating that hot screen from the puck, I've found that some gentle taps onto a paper towel will pop it out and then you can use the knock box for just the puck.
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I was thinking to get the thicker one, i end up with the thin one.
With the thin steel disk, i basically have no problem to keep it clean, however i can't really feel any difference in taste, but for sure the screen shower is definitely maintained more clean.
The only thing i will not do, even if i had the thick one, ( as some did in few videos) is to tamping with the puck screen already onto the puck.
I still use daily since i bought it, it's become a simple routine for me.

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Bought one on Aliexpress for $6 and it works great.


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I have this metal disc puck screen that's 0.2mm thin. It works well, but it's quite flimsy. It's already not very flat.

I see now that there's a wide selection of mesh-type puck screens on aliexpress, with different filtration options (150μm/100μm/50μm) and thickness (1mm, 1.7mm or 2mm). They're also very cheap, at about 4 USD per screen, including shipment. I'd like to try a couple, but which ones to go with? 50μm@1mm and 150μm@1.7mm?

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Hi @Jeff can you please expand on the the "two thumb" technique? I have found with my Bplus screen and my BDB that it causes more channeling and the flow rate seems to speed up so I'm wondering if I am placing it incorrectly. Thanks in advance.

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It keeps your machine cleaner and you get less "soupy" pucks. Apart from that, don't expect it to make your espresso taste better.

Don't waste your money on the bplus. You can but the exact same thing off Ali express for $4.00
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boren wrote:<snip>I'd like to try a couple, but which ones to go with? 50μm@1mm and 150μm@1.7mm?
I bought two different ones simply because I wanted to know the same thing. I've been using one then the other every morning for a few weeks now. I detect absolutely no difference between them. They definitely give a drier puck and less mess in the group. Other than that, meh.

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I've never understood the obsession with pucks and group cleanliness.

Pucks are compost. I couldn't care less if I have to chisel or pour them out of the basket. Goopy ones require a rinse under the group or the sink tap. NO biggie.

A simple plain water back flush w a blind basket after the shot keeps the group ready and clean enough. Leave filled the blind basket in the group between shots. Been doing this for a decade and a half. No problema.

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BTW, I bought the three screen sizes on AliExpress. No difference in operation. All flow water "like sh.t through a goose" as my dear old Nan oft opined. :wink: