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RapidCoffee wrote:Hi Stephan. I'm glad you have decided to upgrade your equipment. But I do not recommend "really hard deep WDT" or pre-processing grinds in a milk jug. Unfortunately, no amount of puck prep will fully compensate for poor coffee and/or inadequate gear. You can stir/shake/whatever as long and hard as you want, and it will not change the grinder particle size distribution.
John Weiss and I seem to often agree to disagree :D

I've found that with grinders that have poor particle size distribution, that mixing it all up in a cup greatly improves the espresso. With the Sette, grinding into the portafilter directly leads to bad channeling, which goes away for me if I blend the grounds together.

My theory as to why this is so, is that grinds fly out of a grinder at high speed, and this will naturally separate light from heavy coffee particles, which then settle in a nonhomogeneous way into your portafilter. Perhaps they are unevenly distributed in a radial pattern (ie, heavy particles in the center) or perhaps it is in layers (lightest particles fall last).

Of course, a better grinder is the best solution, but you can make better espresso with a mediocre grinder, in my experience, doing the shake.

Anyway... no need to argue theories: this is easy for you to test.

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decent_espresso wrote:John Weiss and I seem to often agree to disagree :D
Only in matters of puck prep. :wink: I remain deeply impressed by the DE1 and your innovative company, Decent Espresso.

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Extractionator wrote:Thanks for the detailed answer!

I will try your test next week and I will post the results here. I am also very open to more answers on what else could possibly cause my describt observation. I read a lot about fines (Scott Rao etc.) and that they will accumulate together at the bottom of the portafilter during the espresso shot and restricting the flow. And because I move my portafilter around during grinding I am not really sure if too many fines in one spot are the reason. But I will do the tests and we will see!
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