Profitec Pro 800 first setup - water source valve backwards?

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#1: Post by GregoryJ »

Hi all, I just received a new Pro 800. It has a rocker switch on the front, and a valve on the back which must be set based on the water source. I'm using the reservoir, and the instructions say the valve in the back should point away from the water line. The pictures in Clive's video (below) agree with these instructions.

However, when I turned on the machine, the vibe pump was humming a little bit, then it started making a light hammering noise, and the water level in the reservoir didn't change. I tried off and on again, but the same thing. I decided to try the other other valve position, pointing inward, and when the machine turned on it started sucking water out of the reservoir, and after almost the full 3 liters was taken out, it began to heat. I'm happy to have it heating, but that just seems really strange that the valve position is backwards, has anyone else seen this?

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#2: Post by TenLayers »

Congrats Gregory.
If no one has replied by tomorrow AM, I'll take a look at mine. Out of the studio for the evening. And nice meeting you and your wife awhile back.

GregoryJ (original poster)
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#3: Post by GregoryJ (original poster) »

Thanks Paul! And thank you very much for showing me the Pro 800 and fielding all my questions, I'm very excited to start learning this machine


#4: Post by maxbmello »

Odd thing about the valve position, but the way you described it is how mine worked - took up the whole tank on the first fill, so sounds like you got it figured out!

Enjoy your new machine, it's a beauty

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#5: Post by TenLayers »

Mine is like your bottom photo.

GregoryJ (original poster)
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#6: Post by GregoryJ (original poster) »

Thanks Max, you helped me decide on this machine as well!

I've found several different electronic versions of the manual online. The one I downloaded from Whole Latte Love says to turn the valve towards the water supply for tank mode (which matches my experience). The ones I downloaded from Clive and Profitec say the opposite.

My guess is someone from WLL corrected the error in their electronic version. Either that, or WLL rotates the valve 180 deg before shipping :lol:

GregoryJ (original poster)
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#7: Post by GregoryJ (original poster) »

TenLayers wrote:Mine is like your bottom photo.
Thanks for confirming!


#8: Post by PeetsFan »

These are just mechanical valves; they're either open or closed. The black plastic is a cover and Profitec presumably changed its orientation since WLL created their video.


#9: Post by cyclezib »

I just looked at mine. The black valve is pointed toward the metal valve used for plumbing in the water. I'm using distilled water and adding ThirdWave Espresso salts to gallon jugs of water. Glad you got Profitec Pro 800 going. Yes, as others have mentioned, the first fill takes almost the entire contents of the reservoir.