Profitec Pro 700 maintenance vacuum relief valve

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#1: Post by Lacoffee »

Well after almost four years of constant use the vacuum relief valve stuck open this morning. Did a little research (thanks wll for the video) and determined that it was basically the tiny o ring leaking inside the valve. I found a source for them on amazon (cheap but you have to buy a hundred!) 007 Silicone O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Red, 5/32" ID, 9/32" OD, 1/16" Width (Pack of 100)
And ordered them. In the meantime all I could find locally was a rubber one at pep boys. Most auto and hardware do not carry silicone. So I descaled the valve. Cleaned it. Greased it with moly cote and reinstalled with the rubber o ring until next week when the silicone gets here.
That fixed the vacuum valve.

Then I noticed a hissing from the thermometer on the steam boiler. Had to pull that and redo the Teflon tape with a bunch of yellow to get it to seal. Probably was hissing for a while but I never noticed.

Also replaced the cheap plastic barbed tee fitting with a brass one from the hardware store. It broke when disassembling the valve.

Anyway you might want to get a few of these o rings to have laying around because it is and easy fix and they are cheap compared to the $18 plus shipping for the whole valve assembly.


#2: Post by MarcoMHanna »

Hey Andrew! Quick question, did you have to replace the teflon piece in there also? Just picked myself a bag of these #007 o-rings for the future.


#3: Post by Lacoffee »

Nope. Mine was fine.


#4: Post by vicenzajay »

Just a note - if anyone would like to split the cost of a 100-pack, I'm happy to send along a few dollars to get 10-20 of these. It's about time for me to replace the o-ring in my relief valve as well.


#5: Post by vicenzajay »

So I didn't get any replies (from PMs or on the thread) about splitting up a 100-pack of these O-rings. As a result, I ordered a set and repaired my vacuum relief valve fairly easily (working perfectly again).

Now I have 99 additional O-rings, of course. If someone is looking to fix their valve (or just do preventive maintenance if you've had your machine for over a year), send me a PM. I can pop 25 or so of these in an envelope for $1.00 to keep you from having a stupid amount of spares on hand.