Profitec Pro 700 heating / PID questions

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#1: Post by a_k9 »

Hello all!
Happy Sunday!

I just received the profited pro 700 and have been exploring the features. Pulled some reasonable shots, I think :D

I'm a bit confused about how the temperature sensing and PID-loop work in profitec pro 700 or in dual boilers in general.

I turned the steam boiler off last night. This morning while making my espresso, I noticed the PID display showing a steady increase of temperature on the steam boiler to about 95 - 99 degrees Fahrenheit. I wonder why.

The brew temperature was at 202F.

Is this an expected behavior?
Shouldn't it just stay at room temperature (between 60 and 70F)?


#2: Post by AMac »

The steam boiler is pretty close to the brew boiler so the brew boiler is just heating the space enough to cause the steam boiler to increase in temperature. If I remember correctly, there's also an offset so the boiler will never actually get to room temp thought that may be the brew boiler and not the steam boiler.