Profitec Pro 700 brew pressure drift

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#1: Post by ronlivne »

Since I bought my Profitec pro 700 almost a year ago, the brew pressure keeps creeping up.
Every month or so I adjusted the brew pressure back down by turning the screw at the bottom of the machine.
I thought that the drift was due to the screw being a bit loose and slowly turning back in the other direction.

Today, when re-adjusting again, the screw just came out. The current pressure is 10 bars and I can't get it any lower than that.

What can be the problem?


#2: Post by Giampiero »

Do you use the machine connected to the main water supply or by the water reservoir?

Team HB

#3: Post by JRising »

If the adjusting screw is no longer having any effect on the bypass valve there is something wrong. If it is working well, but you can't adjust below 10 bar, perhaps your pressure regulator isn't working (if plumbed). What does the line pressure show on the gauge while the machine is idle?

Since it is still under warranty, you should contact the retailer or ECM/Profitec.