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Awesome thanks

Just pulled the trigger on a 600 on iDrinkCoffee (that sale + the no tax thing was too hard to pass up on) after being a little hesitant with the recent price increase. Looking forward to pulling some shots

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Excellent retailer. That's where I bought mine from. You won't need a new gasket for a year or so but the silicone ones are easier to pop in and out for cleaning.


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-The PID display maintains a decimal point in the temperature values displayed .94 for 94*C brew boiler and 1.30 for 130*C steam boiler. See photo.
Can the decimal point be gotten rid of?
I don't think so, however, that decimal point is not just for show. If you watch carefully, you'll see that once you reach the set temperature, it starts to blink, indicating when the heater is active.

For myself, I've had this machine for 2 to 3 months and I absolutely love it. I have limited space, so for example the ECM 700 would not fit under my upper cabinets. In fact, I had to remove the cup rail on the Pro 600 to fit underneath the cabinet. I could have gone for the Pro 700, but as I have zero intention of plumbing in the device and considering the increased cost of replacing a rotary pump vs a vibratory pump, should it fail, I elected for the Pro 600. I have zero issues with the 1 liter service boiler, it works perfectly for me. I normally don't use it, but if I need to steam some milk for a visitor, it has more than enough omph to do the job.

The ability to tweak the brew boiler temperature is fantastic. I had to drop the temp by 10F for one bean I was using to get a great extraction out of it. The temperature of the brew boiler also recovers quickly enough to be able to pull shot after shot without waiting.

I use a kettle for any hot water needed and so the limited service boiler size is not an issue for me. If I needed a fair amount of hot water from the service boiler, I might have gone for the Pro 700 with the 2 liter service boiler. As it is, I have zero reason to want to upgrade anymore.




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Hello! My 600 (non flow control) just arrived and I'm super stoked. I managed to pull some shots and froth a bit, but have some questions

1. Is the 2 hole steam tip sufficient to froth for 10oz+ lattes? Or should I invest in a 3 or 4 hole?
2. How far do I need to rotate the steam knob to get the steam to full power?
3. What temp have you guys been using for the brew and steam boilers?


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1. More holes will steam faster but you also need to be better at steaming as you will stretch the milk faster. I have never felt the need for anything other than the stock tip.

2. Good question. I know it's better to not fully tighten them closed as they are sprung valves but I open mine all the way. It would be nice to turn the knob less of it isn't required.

3. Steam boiler temp at maximum to get the 2 bar steam pressure. Brew boiler temp set by what the coffee wants. Start around 200F. Also see other posts about calibrating your offset through the lowest flash boiling temperature method.


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Regarding #3 with the offset, do you mean that a 93C brew temp on my machine might not be the same for others?

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See posts 1 and 6 in this thread.