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#11: Post by erics »

Then I go back to what I asked several posts ago:
Then, you really need to describe the duty cycle you impose on the machine.
All of the temperature tests I have made were done with thermocouples and not the thermometer.

Lots of info is contained in the manual for the thermometer. For sure, the Profitec is a flush-n-go machine wherein the temperature displayed by the thermometer will be 3-5 degrees BELOW that of the water presented to the coffee.

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#12: Post by Petey »

I'm stoked with my Pro 500. It's the best machine I have had.
I have an Aussie version which has a Brass boiler and other mods and I'm told it's lower temp than the US version. This means I don't need to run any cooling flush as it never steams up.
I had a Bezzera BZ10 before this one and cooling flushes and temp variations drove me a bit mad.
The main reason I chose this machine was the quiet
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#13: Post by Benoitpb »

Hi Pete

For me, my Brofitec Pro 500 has to be flushed, but just a little bit.

The fact that my machine has a SS isolated boiler can have an impact, but I will also check if my pressostat is adjusted too high.

What is the Min and Max in bar of your pressostat adjustment?




#14: Post by Petey »

Hi Ben,
My pressure stat ranges from 1.1-1.4 bar. According to info on the Australian spec machine and the retailer I bought from they also modify the therosyphin to increase thermal stability and reduce brew temperature to about 93 degrees C on Aus units. That's because in Melbourne the trend is to have lighter fruitier coffees. See if you can get these mods done where you are.

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#15: Post by aecletec »

That thermosiphon modding has been called out as mere marketing in the past. Can you provide measurements or other evidence of mods/performance? That would definitely help the consumer community - Thanks!

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#16: Post by samuellaw178 » replying to aecletec »

I have to admit, I was one of the doubters about the claim.

So I was able to get my hand on one of these E61 with thermosiphon restrictor, and measured them myself (since there's no available hard data out there, even on the other forum).

This was measured on an Ochestrale Nota, not Profitec. It has a 3L boiler so may behave very differently. But it's just to show that thermosiphon restricted E61 can go without flushing. Also note that Artisan has a smoothing factor applied to the curve. The actual temp was actually inclining/increasing during the shot.

So it is true that thermosiphon restrictor when installed properly, can make cooling flush a thing of the past. The temp while not as rock solid as a GS3 or Slayer, is pretty stable with minimal fuss (zero flush).

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#17: Post by aecletec »

That's awesome, thanks Sam!

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#18: Post by btlancaster24 »

Where can I buy one of "Eric's thermometers"?

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#19: Post by erics »

Go visit my crude FTP site below my sig.

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#20: Post by appfrent »

h3yn0w wrote:Focus less on your flush and more on your grind. If your temp is declining too quickly it's a sign that your shot may be running too fast. This will happen on any E61 machine. Also , slightly declining temp profile is not necessarily problem either.
:D :D
There should be a rule for newbies or even many experienced ones, learn basic operation of machine, get good grinder, good beans, basic tamper (the stock plastic will do fine for this exercise) and do NOT buy anything or tinker with anything else except grind size till they can consistently extract good espresso.

If you have a good grinder, good beans and a basic machine, the only poor link in the chain to good espresso is you :D

It took me 2 month of failures to realize this for myself....
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