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oranjeoranje wrote:Is it unusual for a Profitec 300 to hang for 7-8 seconds before the pump starts? I don't recall this behavior when it was new, but it's happening all the time now, and it's most noticeable/long during the first pull of the day. See what I'm experiencing here:
Not unusual when the machine is 8 or more years old. That is one symptom of a weak pump. The coil has trouble pulling cocking the nucleus off of its "static friction" resting point. You could try taking apart the pump, cleaning all the parts, reassembling and hoping to get a few more months out of it, but plan to replace it.

If you know what you're doing and are comfortable testing inside a live machine with a multi-meter, confirm that the pump is getting mains voltage as soon as the switch it closed. Once that's confirmed you've narrowed the issue down to the pump. Replace the pump.

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Check the inline water filter in front of the pump for a clog.


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Thanks for all the advice. The problem went away after I cleaned out the inline water filter. Found there was biofilm in there, gross :(

Anyone have a good technique for cleaning these filters? I used vinegar and a bent toothpick but it's not easy.


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$5 + shipping. Probably find something cheaper locally. Maybe order a new showerscreen and gasket since your paying shipping anyway. ... ine-filter