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I also vouch for the Pro 300. I have bought mine used a little over a year ago, so it is about 2.5 years old. I pull 2 shots a day and the previous owner did the same. I have no formal complaints with the machine, I have pulled tasty shots from every coffee I have put in the basket (ranging from medium blends to light roasted single origins). I do wish that the machine had a brew pressure gauge just for peace of mind. Having pressure profiling would be nice at this price, but I know realistically I would not use it daily unless it was automated. Overall very happy with the machine for all roasts used so far and plan to keep it for the foreseeable future.


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I do wish that the machine had a brew pressure gauge just for peace of mind.
It is extremely easy to measure & adjust brew pressure. Get one of these:

You could replace spouts in one of your prortafilters with the gauge (I sacrificed double spouted portafilter which I never use). The only complication that I could think of is the fact that spouts are typically glued to a portafilter and you may need to secure it in something like a vise (and wrap spouts in a rug, to avoid scratching anything).

I found that my Pro 300 was preset for 11 bars from the factory. The OPV is located right under the top cover and it took me 10-15 minutes to change it to 8 bars.


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Brien wrote:Hi all, I am considering Pro 300 but as someone who loves, loves light roasts will the lack of pre-infusion be a deal breaker? Does this have any sort of fake pre-infusion?
I had my heart set on a Pro 300 for a while but I ended up changing my mind due to the lack of preinfusion. I'm glad I did stretch my budget a bit and get a Bianca with flow control/preinfusion. I really don't think I could have experimented with light roasts as much as I have if I got the Pro 300. That said, the Pro 300 seems like a great little machine if you mainly drink medium-dark roasts or milk drinks.


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I like light roasts too much to give up PI. I ended up getting a Flair 58.


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Hi fellow 300 owners. I've had my 300 for about 2 months now and and this far has been a great machine. I've found it does medium and dark roasts very well. Lighter roasts have been a little challenge although borrowing a DF64 with SSP burrs really brought out the sweetness of light roasts.

At this point I have a few questions:

I'm looking to do a descale but don't see any indications in the manual of how to do that or what products to use. Any suggestions?

Been using Cafiza for weekly backflushes although I'm wondering if I should alter my timing to once a month.

Are there any potential issues I should be on the lookout for?

I'm likely using the wrong nomenclature for this. My current temp offset appears to be approx 27f. Meaning when I turn on the machine the PID displays a temp 27f below ambient. Is that normal?


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I don't think you need to descale after only 2 months. Do you use water with good characteristics such as the Crystal Geyser bottled at Weed/Shasta California? I have had my Profi for almost 5 years now pulling 3-5 shots a day and it has never been descaled. I just use good water and back flush monthly and the steam/shots are like day 1)!


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Funny enough, If I do buy bottled water thats the only one I buy. Where I live the water has a moderately high PH (7.8) and low TDS as tested with both cheap TDS meter and strip test. It's between 30-40ppm. I'm certainly not looking to descale every 2 months, but wanting to set a schedule so I won't forget.

Happy to hear about your machines reliability. Its been a great machine so far and a joy to use.


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New pro 300 owner here. I was going through the advanced menu with the link ... d-Settings and I noticed my advanced menu has an extra function which isn't listed in the clive coffee link or mentioned in the manual. The value is listed as b and when I click the plus button it's set to a value of 40. Do any of the pro 300 owners here know what this is? If not I'll have to reach out to idrinkcoffee or profitec to find out what this is.


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Please report back. When I first got my machine in January I noticed there was a distinct lack of information about that setting other than warnings not to change it.


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Hi. If the .stl files are still available, may I please have a set? Thanks.