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#301: Post by laurens_s »

can anyone tell me if I can use a E61 portafilter on the Profitect 300 (seeing that his bigger brothers are all E61, and it seems that the profitec portafilters can be used on all models)?

Reason for asking is that I would like to buy a portafiler with a gauge to check the pump pressure.


#302: Post by JohanR »

Yes, as far as I have understood, it is the same for all Profitec machines. I bought a bottomless Profitec portafilter which worked fine although the lugs are slightly thicker, which made me buy a red (8mm) cafelat E61 gasket.

I bought a separate pressure gauge from Joe Frex which I attached to my one-spout portafilter.


#303: Post by Quirquincho »

I think you can. I bought this portafilter for my Pro 300. Most of the machines in the compatibility list are E61s. ... 0288-p.asp

It fits my machine perfectly.


#304: Post by sambuist »

from memory, standard e61 portafilters will fit this machine


#305: Post by laurens_s »

Thank you to all above.
I ordered two typical E61 type portafilters, one bottomless one with a gauge and works perfectly
Machine was also set from factory to 9.5 bars.


#306: Post by sambuist »

great that you got it all sorted. i guess next you will have to try a lower pressure setting and see if you like that better :). my taste buds like around 8-8.5 at the grouphead. i find it mutes the bitterness a little more.


#307: Post by Brien »

Hi all, I am considering Pro 300 but as someone who loves, loves light roasts will the lack of pre-infusion be a deal breaker? Does this have any sort of fake pre-infusion?


#308: Post by cmin » replying to Brien »

As someone that had a 300, that ended up turning into a pos and seriously turned me off Profitec permanently lol, I'd say definitely. Light roast and light medium are simply not as good as other machines with PI or profiling etc. I even talked to someone that got rid of the 300 for an Lelit Elizabeth and said the Elizabeth was way better all around but especially for lighter roast, it has a unique PI system.

I still have an old CC1 from 10 years ago and that has a PI system (one of the 1st that kinda started that fad) on its PID which basically goes off the vibe pump ramping and can adjust dwell time which doesn't activate the 3 way. That's the big difference and why you can't just turn on and off a machine like the 300 to do similar as the 3 way will activate which will screw the puck up. That old machine pulled better shots than the 300 ever did, yet one cost 500 I think and other 1300, it's even higher now like 1800 or so?

Imo if your looking at the 300 there's 0 reason to get one over the Elizabeth which has it beat in every way. Even the steaming is better and drier.


#309: Post by Sean_in_SF »

"cmin" has very strong feelings about the Pro 300, and has been sharing them widely, but many Pro 300 owners have had different experiences and have more positive feelings about this machine.
LMWDP #214


#310: Post by JohanR »

Yes, actually I am very happy with my pro 300. I have had it for a little over a year now and pulled maybe 2500 shots without any problems. The vibratory pump takes about 5 seconds to build the pressure but apart from that there is no pre-infusion. The only thing I have had to do on the machine was to tighten the bolts that hold the group head to the frame, but that was very easy.
I do not have much experience with lighter roasts so I cannot answer that specific question.