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Hey all, I don't own a Pro 300 but I bought one for my friend. Does it have a shot counter so you can see how many shots you've pulled in total on the machine?


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No, it doesn't

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I just picked up a used Profitec 300 for a great price and happened to be the 2400W version. It will either be a backup machine for myself or for a friend starting out with espresso. Looking forward with playing around with it and comparing with my past machines. So far my impressions are that it's built very nicely and I have no issues with steam. I'm trying to dial in the brewing but I still need to re-buy a 58mm bottomless portafilter and precision baskets.

Just some questions:

1. I was looking to adjust the OPV and wondering where it might be accessed. Is it the brass screw located on the top when you open the lid?

2. Is there anyway to configure the PID behaviour? I find that it blows past the target temp after some shots, up to 7-10 degrees before cooling and settling down to the target temp.


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Hi GMK, are you able to please share the file to 3d printer the handle for the water cover?

The pics look amazing!!
GMK wrote:Hi Pro 300 Users,

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread, your posts helped me to make the decision of purchasing the Pro 300 over some other machines. I really enjoy using the Pro 300! The quality is awesome and the fast warm up time is probably my favorite feature. I used it two weeks ago during a family vacation where we were 14 people total, and could crank out 10 cappuccinos one right after the other without it skipping a beat. If you are considering this machine alongside some others I don't think you can beat it for the price point. I'll also add to the aesthetic discussion and say I too was hesitant on the aesthetic of it compared to say a Rocket machine, but in person it looks great and It always gets compliments.

I would like to show some 3D printed extras that I have designed and printed for my Pro 300. The first is a tamper stand and the second is a handle that fits into the holes of the water tank cover. Not that the holes weren't easy to grab, but I kept some cups over them to keep dust out and the handle blocks those holes nicely and looks better than upside down cups imo. The tamper stand I also plan to re-print in black at some point in the future so that it matches everything else.




The handle ends are threaded and 3D printed nuts hold it in place.

If you have access to a 3D printer I would be glad to send you the .stl files for your personal use!